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The Real Beer Page A great source of Beer related info. Sign up for the newsletter.
Diebels A German Brewery that has a great Alt Beer. The site is also available in English.
The Heineken Home Page Cool site with lots of info and some great screensavers.
Paulaner North America This site offers some nice stuff from their complet product line.
Peter Crombecq's Benelux-beerguide A nice guide to the beer of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxumberg.
The Jever Home Page Jever Pilsner is one of our favorite pils. Clean and refreshing.
Welcome to Sam Adams Visit the Boston Brewing Company.
Beer.Com Labatts is now Beer.Com.
Jörg Bagehorn's Beer page A great German beer page, loaded with label and links.
The Northhampton Brewery This was the first Micro-brewery I visited. Just north of my hometown of Holyoke, MA.
Eichbaum Brewery I worked across the street from this Mannheim, Germany brewery for over 4 years.
Bitburger Bier A German Giant, but a good pils none the less.
Guinness Not much to say about this classic.
BudvarThe real Bud.
Newcastle Brown AleThe "One and Only"
Stiegl A great Austrian beer, with a very nice site.
WarsteinterAnother German superpower, again a very good pils.
Grolsch Now in English!!! Become a member (FREE) and get access to cool screen-savers and stuff.
Pilsner-UrquellThe Original.
Pete's BrewingHome of Pete's Wicked Ale.
Molecular ExpressionsMicroscopic pitures of your favorite beers. Thanks again to Steve.
The West Bier Site A nice bier site by Robert West from Ingolstadt Germany.
Dommelsch A Dutch pilsner with a cool site. Download the pinball game!
Axl's Beer Label Collection A nice beer label site from Germany.
Breweriana.comA great site of collectable beer related items.
Collecting Beer Glasses A site dedicated to beer glasses.
Belgian Shop A place to order beers and glassware from Belgium. I haven't tried this site yet, but I will!!
Best Belgian Beers A very cool site, try the beer trivia section.
Dos Equis Join the Revolution.
Beer Lovers World One stop source for web sites, breweries and beer magazines.
Oldenberg Brewing Company I have visited the brewpub in Louisville, it was excellent.
North West Brew Page A good site with lots of info.
Boddingtons-The Cream of Manchester In the draft flow can, this is a good ale.
Weldebrau A great brewery in Plankstadt Germany.
The Trappist Beer SiteCyril's great page about Trappist Beers.
The Beer Site The place has it all.
Vino's Pizza Pub This place is great..One of the best pizza's I've ever had. Great Beer as well.
Boscos One of my favorite brewpubs. Great beer and fantastic food.
Beer and Fun, the best of German Brewing Tradition This is a cool site with lots of good information.
Beercollections Items for sale...Purchased from breweries for beer collections.
IBV - German Collector's Society A new page from my friend in Southern Germany
Umit's Beer Label Page A nice page from an Australian label collector


Beer Town Home of the AHA.
The Brewery A very complete site for the homebrewer.
Hop TechThis is a great home brew shop, free shipping with orders over $50.
5 Star ProductsI don't brew without these. A great cleaner and sanatizer.
Hops DirectA good hop page, again thanks to Steve.
Ken Schwartz's Index of Stuff A top notch site for the homebrewer, very useful.
Jimmy's Homebrewing Site Nice page with some homebrewing software and equipment.


The U2 Zone A great starting point for info on Irish Supergroup U2.
Little Splinters Another site dedicated to Paul Weller and The Jam.
Blues World Explore the world of blues music.
Golf Web A good site for the golf "nut".
J.R. Cigars The biggest retailer of cigars in the country. Great prices and great service.
The Fuji Cigar Page A good source of cigar information.
Men's Health The mans guide to living. Covers all aspects of life.
U2 StationA site for U2 Fans. (I'm one by the way)
Experience Hendrix InteractiveThe Official Jimi Hendrix web site.
GOLFonline Golf news, golf tips and golf resources from GOLF Magazine.
Strat Cats A very cool site dedicated to all the great Stratocaster players. A must see.
BluesWEB Very cool site for the blues fans. What else can I say.
The Mudcat Cafe Another cool blues site.
U2 Links The internet U2 directory.

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